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Niskerone & Natalia | Vocal D&B | Video Interview

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Read your history: drum n bass has always been the dirtiest genre around. From an early age, the delinquent child of underground music has spewed out images of crime, music piracy, hard drugs, lice, and basically all the best parts of the music industry. We’re not saying that Cape Town’s dynamic vocal drum n bass duo Niskerone and Natalia is a squeaky-clean counter-example, but with cover versions of No Doubt‘s Don’t Speak and a next-gen approach towards the scene, the pair sure have their needle in the right groove.

Interview: Niskerone & Natalia
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Drum n bass began right after acid house back in the late 80s, when a couple of well-intending DJ types in the UK decided to politely double tempo of hip hop records and begin throwing down mad beats after 2am (before they started getting stormed by the Bobbies). In the process, pioneers like Goldie and Dynamite MC began ushering in an industrial music trend that took its roots from faraway islands and provided a place to party for all the hangers-on of the Bristol/London scene.

In this sense, spots like Cape Town and Durban are rare cultural bedfellows with the original D&B scene. We share a cultural diversity, thriving music industry and dissatisfaction with bubblebum pop music. And while there may be a million drum & bass acts over somewhere to the North, over here, all it takes is a smooth vocalist with stage presence and a hot DJ to, well, capture the local Vocal Drum & Bass moniker. Remember – we’re talking about a genre previously dominated by post-raver, ragga-spurting rasta types from the wrong side of Kingston. And by local, we’re thinking continental.

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Sexy Pics | D&B Vocalist Natalia | Niskerone

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Wowser! Now we remember why we got into the music industry in the first place. Just got a package from Natalia Segerman, the sexy voice behind the self-named drum & bass duo with Cape Town beat warlord Mark Stevens, aka Niskerone (that’s Nisker-one, not Nisker-own). Niskerone & Natalia have been hitting spots like Fiction and with a predictably crazy residency, and have also pulled crowds at the likes of Earthdance, Nightvision, Obzfest, Homegrown and New Years Revolutions. Pretty, busy, and pretty busy act.

Natalia has financed and released her debut album, Long Street Lullabies. Why not keep an eye out for her solo act, and also visit the duo’s Facebook Fan Page.

  Fri 23rd May | The Assembly | Cape Town
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Natalia - Green

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