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Win R10 000 In Exposure For Your Music Video!

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Overtone will feature the videos of three artists during the month of December 2008 as part of our Music Video Competition! Get comments on your music video to stand a chance at winning R10 000 worth of publicity and exposure! Continue reading Win R10 000 In Exposure For Your Music Video!

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Get A New Profile! Submit Your Weekend Gigs!

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Spring’s just around the corner, and it’s time to do some housecleaning, chickens! So, why not plod along to Overtone’s brand new profile-ready site and renew your profile!

Your Weekend | Submit Your Gigs

Why get a new profile?

  • you get to post your gigs and events in the sexy calendar
  • you are able to submit your booking details and get gigs even easier
  • you get your own URL, eg www.overtone.co.za/freshlyground
  • you get free publicity in our free gigs section
  • a million other reasons. do it.
  • This weekend’s gigs!

    Get posting! Start by registering.

    Register now!

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    July 2008: Upcoming & Independent Music

    Friday, July 4th, 2008

    In the month of July 2008, Overtone is focusing on Upcoming and Independent Music. This means if you’re in a band looking to get noticed, you’ve found a good spot.

    The music industry is more about hard work and contacts than having a couple of good songs. Overtone aims squarely at creating a platform for upcoming bands to create a name for themselves. In a word: professionalism.

    Submit a proposal

    So keep an eye on the editorial content this month. We’ll be hitting the local spots. If you’re interested in getting reviewed, noticed or interviewed on Overtone, send a proposal to admin@overtone.co.za. Make it fun, creative and get our attention. Your act begins way before you even get on the stage.

    For example:
    “Hi guys. We’re a metal band based in Cape Town trying to get a major publishing deal with SONY/BMG so that we can get private learjets and invade Australia. We’d like you to come check out our gig at the [insert venue], and we’ve put Overtone +4 on the list. Bring your friends.”

    Win a website!

    Check out how you can win a website in the month of July for Overtone’s Upcoming & Independent Music month. More…

  • Jun 2008: Crossover Music
  • Creative Authenticity & Public Relations
  • How Do I Get A Job In SA Music?
  • The Overtone Shmooze

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    Jump The Music Scene Queue

    Friday, January 11th, 2008

    It’s pretty simple. Join us. Open door. Whatever creative pursuit you’re involved in, get on board with an established music company dedicated to taking over the South African music scene.

    Get HeardIn the last few months, we’ve had editorial content flood our blog, and everyone’s starting to notice. We’re proud of our frequently updated feed, and require the community of the underground creatives in this country to keep going. Join us. Meet the right people. Hip hop, indie, electronic, jazz, ska, punk, classical…we’ve done it all. Festivals, experimental shows, underground gigs…

    Send through a copy of your writing to features@overtone.co.za and pick an upcoming gig in your area. We’ll hook you up with a pair of media passes.

  • Why You Should Get Involved
  • Meet the Team!
  • Email the editor about gigs
  • Get us on Facebook!
  • Videos! Overtone YouTube Channel
  • Overtone on Myspace

  • “Hip hop, indie, electronic, jazz, ska, punk, classical, festivals, experimental shows, underground gigs…”

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    Bands! Let Us Help You

    Friday, January 11th, 2008

    Heard of Overtone? Yeah, you’ve heard of us, the funky new band-friendly magazine that’s doing everything we can to promote and publicise Southern African bands that are serious about what they do.

    Get Noticed

    Bands, DJs, solo artists: There are so many ways bands in South Africa can work to improve your status, and Overtone’s all about helping out. Join us. It’s free. We’ve got over 600 bands listed on our directory. Be one of ‘em.

    We’ll help you…

  • publish your upcoming gigs in our gig guide. add a few freebies to be listed in our massive weekly newsletter. [Hit the guide...]
  • sign the contract, send us a CD and get playing in our MP3 Store [download contract now!]
  • Get together a professional press pack. [Here's how...]
  • Get your buddies to email pics and vids and stories from your gigs to features@overtone.co.za. We’ll publish ‘em.
  • get posters and flyers printed
  • earn through corporate events
  • record your album
  • get sponsored by our growing industry directory
  • be proactive. we help bands that help themselves

  • “A band is a band three hours a week. The rest of the time they’re a promotion company.”

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