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Fokofpolisiekar – Antibiotika

Monday, June 29th, 2009

FPK 2008 pic 3a2Antibiotika press cover

Always having considered myself more of a Fokofpolisiekar admirer than a fan (and yes, there is a difference), I listened to their latest offering – Antibiotika – with nothing but respect for these guys. They may be known to be drunk on stage most of the time and they may also throw up on stage sometimes but one thing is certain: These guys are the legends that have single-handedly changed the SA music scene forever since their controversial start back in the day with their hard core stage performances and Afrikaans lyrics which says it as it is. Now, more than six years along the line, they are still SA’s biggest rock act and their distinctive style has just gotten more legendary along the way.

Fokofpolisiekar has a tendency to say everything in a way everyone else is scared to – straightforward with honesty few can accomplish. With the lyrics of their songs they convey their perceptive on today’s lifestyle and with no subtlety express their opnion on society.

Lyrics such as “Ek weet die dood gaan my vind” and “Ek word teen my begeertes beheer”, they say what we, in this rat race of a society, are thinking everyday – except they are not afraid to say it to thousands. They stood up for what they believe in in a time when few did, and they still are today. Some might not believe their lifestyle or see their way of existence as an example for today’s youth, but with their music they teach that you have to stand up for what you think is right, even if the whole world is against you. Individuality is key in this society we live in filled with sheep which are following the masses and going nowhere.

Fokofpolisiekar didn’t follow the masses. They invented their own rules.

They still do.

Rating: 7/10

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