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Koos Kombuis | Reconciliation Day Video

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Channel24.co.za, Die Burger, Koos Kombuis and his fans shoot the first professional quality SA music video for the web, by the web.

Music videos are probably the most important way bands market their albums. They’re giant, arty adverts. Which means they’re also expensive, and that every second of the final video product takes hours of shooting, and weeks of planning.

Koos Kombuis

So they’re not traditionally made by websites, who’re better known for short clips of cats going to the toilet, or wobbly live music videos shot by some drunk dude with a cellphone camera.

But Channel24.co.za’s changed all that, with a professionally shot, hugely ambitious video for Koos Kombuis’ politically charged new single, “Reconciliation Day”, a song mourning the death of celebrated musician Talip Petersen, and the failure of the new South Africa to deliver a better life for all. The song is taken from Koos’s controversial album, Bloedrivier, the original acoustic version of which was recorded by Channel24 in Koos’ lounge, back in 2005.

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Overtone Music To Make Television Debut

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

We’re gonna be on TV!!! Last Friday in Cape Town, one of the Overtone crew sat down with a bunch of kids and talked to them about being in a band, and what it takes to make it in the South African music industry. The advice given by John Bartmann to the four-piece teenage made-for-TV, glitter-pop group known as Fuze.


The event was part of the work Overtone’s been doing with Urban Brew, a production house assembling a TV show called Famous! for SABC2. Thanks to Panalux Lighting, Urban Brew and Kathy Traut Photography for helping out with that (and the business discount), and look forward to hearing sage words of advice from the coolest music company on South African soil!

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MaxNormal.tv: Good Morning South Africa

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Oh hell. Who gave MaxNormal.tv the mike? Don’t you know what happens? Raw, deviant, experimental South Africa electro-rap. Rap’s least wanted criminal crew is back with another versatile kaleidoscope of raw rap audio, point-and-shoot colour photocopied album art and word of mouth ‘marketing’, as it’s come to be known. Aptly named for a nation waking up to the futility of chasing MTV standards, debut album Good Morning South Africa is poes-alicious.

Heavy doses of both Afrikaans and Kaapse Afrikaans feature, making you wonder exactly who this album is targeted at. Oh, yeah. Wait a minute: not everyone has a diabolical ‘target market’ in mind. The results? A remix of classic Cape anthem ‘Super Evil Me’ that could have been put together by a newcomer to kwaito; a random nod to vegetarian homepage GoVeg.com; a track entitled ‘Total F**k Up’; etc.

“The album contains 16 tracks of ridiculously minimal rap music clearly aimed at creative, curious whites and upwardly mobile tik-smoking Cape Flats wannabe gangstars. Local stuff.”

Grab ‘Rap Fantasy’ by MaxNormal.

There’s one thing this deliberately disgusting album has done right. To put it in their words, “MaxNormal.tv is die vokken antwoord.” You see, in South Africa, we’re all whipped. Whipped, and obsessed with commercial fame and aiming for a standard of content both beyond our reach and poached from some other faraway place. On the one hand, MaxNormal.tv doesn’t compete with the lauded international acts you hear on 5fm, but they sure know how to take the piss out of them. The album contains 16 tracks of ridiculously minimal rap music clearly aimed at curious whites and upwardly mobile tik-smoking Cape Flats wannabe gangstars. Local stuff. It’s definitely not copycat stuff, but to help you imagine, think somewhere between 8bit and Battery9.

So, you remember the TV show Good Morning South Africa? With the satirical chameleon and owl made of apartheid-spouting newspapers and shot against a black backdrop? If so, and you’ve seen a Pieter Dirk Uys show but you’re under 30, you’ll enjoy this one. If not, be prepared to be a little confused.

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    Free, Monthly Online Music Show For SA?

    Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

    Is South Africa ready for a free, online monthly music show? It’s kinda up to the users, and the members of sites like Overtone and the greater community of the music industry. Check out the proposal idea sent to us by hip, upcoming band-friendly Cape company Absolute Altitude, and let us know what you think below!

    Free monthly online show
    Click the image to see the proposal

    One of the techniques that sites utilise to big-up themselves is to claim that there’s a ‘hype’ or ‘something big’ is happening. We’re not offering any false pretenses, but we would like to hear your feedback on ideas like this, whether you’re a fan, band member or artist, or someone otherwise related to the industry. Take a look at these posts if you’d like to know more about where Overtone stands.

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    For the record, we think this idea rocks, and we’re prepared to do what we can to keep you in the loop. Mail them on info@fullmoonproductions.co.za with info, comments and if you’d like to get involved.

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